Médailles dangereuses

Un père de famille est parti en campagne pour sauver la jeune population britannique. Selon lui, la pointe de ces médailles, distribuées en conjonction avec les Olympiques de Londres sont assez pointues pour poignarder quelqu’un. Selon Lawrence Connolly:

« What on earth were these idiots thinking, handing out something like that to children? It does make you wonder how in these health-and-safety days, these slipped through the net. The people who organised it obviously didn’t see them like that but they’re so sharp, I just pushed one into a wooden table.

« I can’t believe someone’s allowed these to be given out. »

« He was proudly wearing it round his neck and I thought, ‘My God, he’s going to stab himself with that.’

« He was taken aback when I took it from him but I said, ‘You’re not wearing that.’ You could hold it in your hand with the point sticking out like a kung fu movie character. I’m sure someone’s looked at them and wondered what they could use them for, maybe making a nice scratch down someone’s car or something.

« They must be generic, the whole area’s probably flooded with these things. I thought, ‘What idiots.’ These are people with degrees but clearly they haven’t got any common sense. »

Probablement sa prochaine bataille: retirer les crayons et stylos des établissement scolaires.


Publié le 15 août 2012, dans Les inutiles idiots, Libertés individuelles. Bookmarquez ce permalien. 1 Commentaire.

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