360º Revolution.

For those who need a reminder of a what a revolution and a post-revolution can be, watch this clip of Egyptian army vehicles running over Coptic Christian protesters in Cairo.

Reminded me of what Prof. Niall Ferguson had to say last spring about the Egyptian revolution.  A masterful smackdown of preconceived MSM notions.

My favorite part:

…and can I just remind you that the army is officially in charge of Egypt, which is not what one usually expects from a triumphant democratic revolution.

It safe to predict a mass “egyptian exodus”  if persecution persist.  If so, Canada would be a perfect fit for this wave of immigrants (so would the US).

  • they should adjust quickly, Coptic institutions are already in place.
  • If the past is an indication of the future, they will thrive in a free market, rule of law context.

Also,  publicly opening the door to Egyptian Copts will pressure the Egyptian government to act more responsibly.


Arab Spring Christians Massacred In Cairo by Walid Phares


Publié le 10 octobre 2011, dans Libertés individuelles. Bookmarquez ce permalien. 1 Commentaire.

  1. Love Professor Ferguson, and I agree with a lot of what he said back then. Actually agreed with it in the times, although this is the first time I see this interview.

    It’s clear one cannot manage foreign policy just by making nice speeches…

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